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A Music Video I Love

I am not frightened by graveyards. I love them. To me, they are places of meditation, open to all loved ones. For this reason, they are beautiful. This video offers another perspective on remembering those who have passed on and celebrating their memories… Dance In the Graveyards by Delta Rae (Official Video)  

Jennifer’s Favorite Movie

I saw this movie in the late 1980s, and I knew that as I got older its significance would mean more and more to me. I was correct on so many levels! The themes that resonate with me so much are the loss of home and loved ones, changing times, simpler times, and the tension…

Emily’s Favorite Movie

I find my favorite music and movies made during my “coming of age” years. The time when all things seemed possible and my whole adult life lay before me with an endless horizon. I had more time then to escape into another world of books and movies than I do now.  A Room With a…