Category: Historical Perspectives

Contributors share historical info on people, places, and events that shaped their experience or heritage.

The Dupree House

The Dupree House, located near the Natchez Trace in Raymond, Mississippi, was occupied by the Holliday family from 1933 to 1966.* Emily’s mother-in-law Peggy Holliday Hester lived here  when she was young. The photo and article shared in this post was located among Peggy’s treasured keepsakes. The Dupree House is currently owned by Charles and Brenda…

Morning Where Four Rivers Meet

Four Rivers Park, Jonesville, LA, July 12, 2013 (This video was recorded near the site where the Great Mounds of Troyville were located.)  Quote from a website about Mound-Builders: “Old maps of the area show Mounds at these places where the waterways meet, which some people consider gateways – the ways of passage, movement of consciousness between realities.…

Celtic Fairy Faith

I just think this is interesting because Manifest has an otherworldly quality to me… Here is a text that talks about Fairy Faith of Celtic countries, published in 1911, the same year Granny was born! It is free because it is an older book! The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries