Category: Motherly Meditations

Reminisce with us as we share the thoughtful insights and words of wisdom from the women who shaped our lives. Connect with us as we share our own personal insights.

On Opening and Closing Prayers

Our great-grandmother, Grace, taught us the particulars of praying. She always opened with “Dear Heavenly Father” and closed with “In Jesus name, Amen.” One of her prayers was shared in a Gentled by the Word post from October 2, 2010. Click the link to read and hear a recording of her praying.  Grandma Wright’s Prayer

On Working the Room

Our mother, Nelda, used to say: “If you see someone standing all alone on the side of the room, especially a new person, it is YOUR responsibility to walk over, introduce yourself, and make them feel welcome!”

On the Real World

Jennifer thinks: “I remember being in college and coming home to visit my granny way out in the country, and thinking, ‘Isn’t she sweet, but she doesn’t really get how the real world works…’ Now, over 20 years later, I see that she wasn’t gauging her world view on what she saw around her. She…