Floyd Brazier Adams – On This Day In 1980

Floyd Brazier Adams – On This Day In 1980

floyd and Mae's headstoneOn this day, November 24th, in 1980, my paternal grandfather, Papaw Adams passed away in Ferriday, Louisiana. He was laid to rest in Heard Cemetery, Manifest, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, USA*

Interesting Tidbits:

Floyd B. Adams middle agedHis family left Mississippi in his late teens and they relocated in Eastern Oklahoma. His job in the oil field brought him to Drumright, Oklahoma, where he met and married my Grandma Adams. Papaw moved the family to Brookhaven, Mississippi, before finally settling down in Ferriday, Louisiana.

I have fond memories as a girl, watching Papaw Adams doing yard work and tending to his vegetable garden.

He’d give the grandchildren money each time we got a passing grade in school. I also remember him giving me silver dollars and bicentennial quarters.

I think I heard he didn’t know how to read well, but I do remember him being a very knowledgeable, skilled and resourceful provider for his family.

Here’s how we (Krista, Jennifer, Emily and Brady) are related:

Our parents: Floyd Dee Adams was married to Nelda Grace LaPrarie.

Floyd’s parents: ^Floyd Brazier Adams was married to Ida Mae Burris

(^) stands for

a generation

between our

parents and Floyd B.


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(*) Source: Find A Grave

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