Ida Mae Carlile Raabe – On This Date in 1882

Ida Mae Carlile Raabe – On This Date in 1882
Ida Mae Raabe
Ida Mae Raabe
Ida Mae Raabe

On this date the 6th of September 1882, our paternal great-great grandmother Ida Mae Carlile was born in Concharty, Creek Nation, Indian Territory to Thomas Carlile and Silva Kelley.

Ida Mae Carlile married Chris Raabe and had 4 children including our great grandmother Rosa Pearl.


According to the Dawes Final Roll of the Five Civilized Tribe,  she is listed as Ida Raabe, card #1065 and Roll # 3454.** Her husband, Chris Raabe and children Stella, Celia, and Chris Raabe and parents, Thomas and Sylvia Carlile, were also included on the list.

List of Dawes
Tribe Last First Age Sex Blood Card Roll Type
Creek Raabe Celia 1 F 1/8 NB200 135 NB
Creek Raabe Chris 0 M 1065 P
Creek Raabe Chris 0 M NB200 P
Creek Raabe Ida 17 F 1/4 1065 3454 BB
Creek Raabe Rosa 1 F 1/8 1065 3455 BB
Creek Raabe Stella 3 F 1/8 NB200 134 NB

Ida Mae Raabe passed away in 1924 and was buried at Oaklawn Cemetery, Bristow, Oklahoma (now City Cemetery, 7th Street, Bristow, Oklahoma)*

*Source: Find A Grave

**Sources: Oklahoma State Board of Health, Final Roll and Ancestry


Here is how we are related:

Our parents – Floyd Dee Adams was married to Nelda Grace Laprarie

Floyd Dee’s parents – ^Ida Mae Burris was married to Floyd Brazier Adams

Ida Mae’s parents – ^^Rosa Raabe was married to Asa Azil Burris

Rosa Raabe’s parents- ^^^Ida Mae Carlile was married to and Chris Raabe

(^) stands for

each generation

between our

parents and Ida Mae.

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