21 Day Rotating Menu

21 Day Rotating Menu

MammaI was looking through old recipes and ran across my mom, Nelda’s 21 Day Rotating Menu in her old planner, which she called her  brain. I’m sharing what she had written down. My goal is to later provide her recipes for each meal on our website and link them back to this menu page. Enjoy!


21 Day Rotating Menu

Day 1, Sunday: Pizza, salad, oven fries

Day 2, Monday: Pinto Beans (cook extra), corn bread (cook extra & freeze), peaches, salad

Day 3, Tuesday: Fried Chicken, rice & gravy, corn on cob , biscuits (cook extra & freeze)

Day 4, Wednesday: Sandwiches or leftovers

Day 5, Thursday: Chili Mac, slaw, and toast

Day 6, Friday: Large Roast, rice & gravy, green beans, salad, corn, rolls, Pear cobbler & ice cream

Day 7, Saturday: Leftovers

Day 8, Sunday: Hamburgers and fries

Day 9, Monday: Jack Mackerel croquettes, green beans and new potatoes

Day 10, Tuesday: Red beans & rice, rolls and salad

Day 11, Wednesday: Sandwiches or leftovers

Day 12, Thursday: Large chef salad and crackers

Day 13, Friday: Barbeque chicken, BBQ Beans, potato salad, slaw, rolls, lemon icebox pie

Day 14, Saturday: Leftovers

Day 15, Sunday: Hot dogs, chili, kraut and chips

Day 16, Monday: Chicken fried steak, rice & gravy, spinach and biscuits

Day 17, Tuesday: Spaghetti and meat sauce, slaw and toast

Day 18, Wednesday: Sandwiches or leftovers

Day 19, Thursday: Baked Fish fillets, oven fries

Day 20, Friday: Gumbo, rolls and salad

Day 21, Saturday: Leftover gumbo


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