A New Day

Here is another one of my granny’s precious treasures. Enjoy!


The day begins and all is new
The sun is shining very bright
Up above the sky is so blue
And not even a cloud is in sight.
No one knows what the new day holds
We can only hope for the best.
As into each life our Father scolds
The good that will stand the test.
We are given courage by the things we see
Even when on a bent knee.
We praise god in the early morning.
As we watch each new day dawning.
The budding flowers open up to the sun
And as I behold each lovely sight
Another new day has just begun
And all this beauty makes my heart light.
In the pecan tree the crows are crowing
At the back door the cat is meowing.
I hear the singing of birds and buzzing of bees
And see the squirrels jumping through the trees.

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