Books! I love books, mainly a nonfiction self-help book based on biblical principles. My favorite topics are natural medicines, homemaking, cooking, gardening, and stewardship of our planet. I can spend hours, mainly during the winter months curled up on the couch or sitting by a west facing window devouring the words.
Can you guess what I have been doing lately? Yep, reading! I have been to the public library this week. I found several books on going green. In coming posts I’ll share my favorites. Several of which I am considering buying to add to my own home library. I usually scour through three to four books at a time. “A to Z guides” are my favorites.
Since I’m focusing on becoming more environmentally aware, it leads me to ask the question, which is greener, an e book or a printed book? Of course, I don’t yet have an answer. Personally, I love goggling recipes because of the variety available to suit my whimsy. But I prefer reading print and am not convinced that an e book replaces a tactile page turner.What do you think?  

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  1. Ebooks get my vote 😉 But given a choice for fiction/enjoyment … audible wins hands down! That’s my sleeping pill every night. Put the 30 minute timer on the app & it takes me to dreamland.

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