“Breaking Day” by Ruth McMillin

Our maternal great aunt Ruth McMillin was a writer of poetry and had several published. Here is one she shared in her church’s cookbook Pisgah Baptist Church, Manifest, Louisiana – Our Cherished Recipes, 1991

Breaking of Day

As I sit and sip my coffee
So early in the morning
God’s creatures are  awakening
A new day is dawning.

A blue bird is singing
I the maple tree.
Singing a love song
Just for me.

A dew drop glistens
On a snow white Ross
Crickets are chirping
Where the ivy grows.

A squirrel running on the ground
A blue jay in a tree
God’s creatures all around
As happy as can be.

The great eagle, the hummingbird,
The snail and ant so small
All are God’s creatures
He made them all.

As I sit here with my thoughts
Just my Lord and I
I think of all the wonderful things
Awaiting me by and by.

A mansion up in heaven
Prepared by God’s own and
Where I may spend eternity
In that blessed promised land.

People begin stirring
Going about their daily task
Just sitting here in peace
Is all that I might ask.

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