Floyd Dee Adams – On This Date in 1950

floyd-dee_18012543599_oOn this date the 12th of January in 1950 our Dad, Floyd Dee Adams was born to parents, Floyd B. Adams and Ida Mae Burris, in Yale, Payne County, Oklahoma. 

He has spent most of his adolescent years growing up in Ferriday, Louisiana.

18011867170_16af105f82_bHe married our mom, Nelda Grace LaPrarie, right after high school. While my mom was pregnant, he named each of his unborn children (Krista, Jennifer, and Emily) “Floyd” until we were delivered as girls. He finally got his son with his fourth child, who is named after Dad’s father Floyd Brazier Adams, but we all call our younger brother “Brady.”

Floyd Dee has always been a hard worker and has spent the majority of his life running his “Floyd Sales” novelties business. 

Fun Facts:

Jute Kaleidoscope, 1969 (Floyd is wearing the striped pants on the left playing his guitar).

Jute Kaleidoscope, 1969 (Floyd is wearing the striped pants on the left playing his guitar).

1. He played in a band when he was younger. Music has always been an important part of our family growing up. As a family, we would perform in talent shows and at church functions. 



In Chicago, IL

2. We never had much money growing up, but he always found ways to travel from Louisiana to places like Las Vegas, Norfolk, Denver, Orlando, and Chicago.

3. Our dad loves to get every last drop of gas out of a tank before filling up…coasting to a gas station is not a rare occurrence. While on a trip to Colorado we had to turn his long white van around on the side of the mountain heading up to Pike’s Peak because we were on empty. We made it to a gas station coasting down the side of the mountain.

4. He also enjoys taking the road less traveled. We once explored a road in Colorado we saw on the map that headed north from Colorado Springs to Denver through a small valley in the Rocky Mountains.  But after the road turned from pavement, to gravel, to dirt with a horseback riding sign appearing on the side of the road, we realized we were seeing where the road would take us (in other words..we were lost). But eventually we hit an interstate about 20 miles northwest of Denver before dark.

silly floyd

“Who’s ready to potty (instead of party)?”

5. He loves to add handwritten captions to photos.

6. And he has a great sense of humor and loves to make others laugh.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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