God Gives Us Seasons

“To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under heaven:”- Ecclesiates 3:1 (NKJV)


There is spring, and there is summer
There is autumn and there comes winter.
Through all the seasons we are kept guessing
How God fills each one with His blessings.
We know God’s plans are sure and just
No matter what He has in store for us.
Spring is filled with sunshine and flowers
Summer brings thunder storms and showers
Autumn brings hurricanes and cooler weather.
Then winter comes and we need a sweater
To protect us from the sleet and snow.
Just where did all the nice weather go?
For God gives the seasons
For special reasons.
Then blesses us with His love
Which comes to us from heaven above.
I love every beautiful season.
But for some unknown reason
My favorite season of them all
Is the welcome cooler season of fall.
Winter comes before we know it
As all the trees begins to show it.
They are standing there so naked and bare
And the chilling wind is in the air.
Spring brings sunshine and showers
To help grow the grass and flowers.
Summer brings thunder storms and heat
And picnic outings that can’t be beat.
Autumn is such a good time of year
I can feel a change in the air.
The cooler days come as the hot ones go
Then I dream of winter snow.
There is spring and summer autumn and winter
Each season is special in its own way.
There is change in our lives as each season enters.
Our life changes each month, week and day.
The seasons come and they go
But time goes on forever.
Our lives are like the changing seasons
Why? Only God knows the reason.


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