Grandma Wright’s Prayer

What’s your prayer heritage? If you grew up in a household that prayed, what was the oral dialog used when speaking to God? I only now am realizing how richly blessed I was to come from such an abundance of Christian stock. My great grandmothers, both maternal and paternal where devoted Christians. I’ve heard that they both held tightly to their Bibles and oral prayer traditions throughout their lives.

I was able to capture my Great Grandmother Wright’s prayer during a family visit with my great aunt several years ago. I’ve linked a video recording of myself and my Aunt Irmarie at her home listening to an old cassette tape. The audio isn’t very clear but the voice of this wonderful lady in her early nineties is just precious to me.

When I pray aloud for my own household, I find that I begin and end my prayers in the same fashion as she did. I’ve provided a written account of her prayer below. Reading over her words, convicts me on how neglectful I am in thanking God for things. May every request I give in prayer begin and end with thankfulness!

Dear Heavenly Father, we thank You so much for so much for everything You’ve done for us. You’ve blessed in so many ways, that we can’t begin to name all the blessings You’ve given us dear Father. But we do thank You for salvation. We thank You that You gave Your son to die on the cross for our sins, that we might live and have peace. Dear Father we thank You for our health and strength. Thank You that we have a home to live in. Thank You, God that we can worship each day, to look to You for help and strength when we need it. Father, I thank You for all my children. Thank You so much that they are all Christians. Thank You dear Father for every blessing that You’ve given us in any way. Thank You for our church and for our pastor, that You’d give him the strength dear Father and wisdom to lead the church as it should be. Dear Father we pray for our neighbors and for all of our loved ones wherever they are. You know their needs better than we do. And dear Father we pray that You’d help us to always be willing to submit to Your will, whatever it is. Help us Heavenly Father to live closer to You each day of our lives. Dear Father we pray for the ones who are away, and we pray for Scott (an ill loved one) that You’d give him back his health, if it be Your will. If not dear Father, let him know that all things work together for good for those who love Thee. I pray dear Heavenly Father, that You’d guide and direct my life…the short time I have here that I might do so more for you than I ever have before. Father I do pray for the lost, help them find their way before it is too late. There’s too many dear Heavenly Father that know You not. I just pray that You’ll help them dear Father to find their way. I pray now that You’d guide and direct in every way. Thank You for the sunshine and the rain and each blessing. Oh Dear Father please forgive me for anything I do or say at anytime that’s not in Your will. And I give You the praise in Jesus name. Amen

Thank you God that I am able to share this treasured recording with her dear loved ones.

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