John Louis – Happy Birthday!

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John and Bill

On this day the 20th of June in 1939, John Louis Laprairie was born to parents Lucy Dee Wright and “Bill” John Alvis LaPrarie in Ferriday, Louisiana.

Our mom, Nelda, had great admiration for her oldest brother John. “Brother John” as most people refer to him, has served most of his life as a worship pastor in the Toledo, Ohio area.

He and wife Shirley are now enjoying retirement in the warmer climate of Birmingham, Alabama. Their daughter, Danna, with her husband Jeff Brown and son Jackson also reside in the Birmingham area. John and Shirley’s son John Howard and his family (son John, daughters Joanna and Stephanie, and grandchildren) still live in the Toledo, Ohio area.

Happy Birthday Uncle John!!!

"Me and my Dad, John Louis LaPrarie...the most wonderful, honorable, Christ-like man I've ever known."--John Howard LaPrarie
“Me and my Dad, John Louis LaPrarie…the most wonderful, honorable, Christ-like man I’ve ever known.”–John Howard LaPrarie

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  1. I went to school with John Louis as we called him.We were in the same room in the first grade,second & third.I have eat many hamburgers & plate lunch,s @ Bills cafe. My great,great grandfather is the one that dug the spring @ Manifest in about 1834 & is is still flowing today. I was born in the sandy lake area in 1939.I have enjoyed your postings.
    Daniel Ford

    • Thank you so much for sharing! We love the spring and I try to visit every chance I get when I travel to the area. Emily

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