Mississippi’s Arbor Day!

It’s Arbor Day in Mississippi. Per Arbor Day and Tree Planting Week Proclamation by Governor Bryant, we Mississippians are encouraged to participate in “Tree Planting Week” from the February 8th to February 14th.

I plan to check out the woods on my relative’s property and dig up a few sprouting trees and transplant them to my yard. I love trading plants with people. I have plenty of pampas grass in my yard if anyone wants to come haul it away. I’ll trade you a fruit tree for pampas grass…wink!

Do you and your family have plans to participate this week?

If you’ve got no plans but want to get involved, then check out the 2014 Mississippi Arbor Day Celebration at the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science on Friday, February 14. It looks to be great fun.

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