Mother’s Flower Garden

Mother’s Flower Garden
In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share a collection of photos and a poem written by my granny about my Great Grandma Wright’s lovely yard. Thanks to my dear sister Jennifer for sharing with me her beloved collection of my Granny’s journals and photos. Enjoy and Happy Mother’s Day!
Can’t you just see her now
With such happiness on her brow, 
Walking about enjoying the flowers 
Where she spent so many happy hours. 
Come take a walk with me 
And together we will see. 
All the beauty of the flowers 
Where Mother spent so many hours. 
 Before we start walking, we’ll stop here 
And see the beauty that is near. 
The Purple Iris in front of the house 
Bordered by the pink blooms of Oxalis.
 And scattered along in the beds 
A variety of flowers raise their heads. 
There are Larkspur, Petunias, and Little Red Roses 
With sweet perfumes that fills our noses.
 We begin our walk down the aisle 
Between the house and long flower bed. 
This stroll will take us quite a while 
With so many stops to be made.
 All down beside the house 
Are flowers of many colors. 
The beautiful Azaleas and Lilies red 
And there is a Callow Lily raises its head.
The Star of Bethlehem so very blue 
And so many Dwarf Gladiolas too. 
Here and there mixed in between 
Blue Grass and Pink Oxalis can be seen. 
 Day Lilies in red, orange and pink 
That Big Holly Bush needs cutting, I think! 
Because it never has any berries 
And the time of its beauty varies.
In the early spring there were so many bulbs 
Blooming out in so much beauty. 
But now they are a sleep in the earth 
Waiting for the time of their re-birth.
 Near the center of the bed is a large shrub 
Covered with clusters of pretty white blossoms. 
Then growing all around 
The Lily and Iris can still be found.
 At the end of the bed is an Althea bush 
That soon will be in full bloom. 
And scattered around a few early things 
That await the coming of spring.
 The Pink Running Rose on the well frame 
So many lilies we call by name. 
Different kinds and colors all around 
With a special one that is yellow brown.
Across the yard on the other side 
It’s the English Dogwood in all its glory 
It stands forth in snow white beauty 

Waiting there to tell its story.


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