Muscogee Township of Concharty

Ida Mae Carlile’s mother Sylva Kelley is the three sisters link to being citizens of the Muscogee Nation. On the Creek Nation Census rolls (before 1900s), Sylva Kelley is listed under the towns Concharte or Concharty (multiple spellings) **

Here are a few facts and findings about the township settlement of Concharty, which is now the Stone Bluff Township in Oklahoma:

Prior to statehood this geographic area, known as Concharty, was a part of the Creek Nation Recording District No.7, in Indian Territory. On Nov.29, 1909, the township sections (one mile by one mile square) located in Range 14, East & Township 17, North formerly a part of Wagoner Co., were transferred to Tulsa Co. This includes the area lying south of East 121st Street South, in Southeastern Tulsa Co.

Debi Young*

Before the relocation to Oklahoma, or as some refer to it as the Creek Indian Removal from Alabama, some of the clans with the Concharty Township were located in central Alabama.****

It is possible in the census list of 1832 the town was called Ekimduts ke, but it is still being researched. But in 1799, it is listed as Kanchati and the tribe may have been called the Kanhatki Tribe.

Map provided by the “Native America Project: Indian Towns and Villages” and circled in red is where Kanchati was located prior to 1799.

Kanhatki Tribe originated from the Kanchati, Alibamo Town, on the present site of the city of Montgomery near the Union Passenger Station along the Gun Island Chute Alabama River. ***

As more is discovered, more will be added to this post. Be sure to check back later.

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