My First Trip To Drop Off Recycling!

I currently do not have curbside recycling pickup, so I have to take it to my community’s recycling drop off bins. It’s located about 5 miles away. I live in a rural area, so everything is about 5 miles away. I’ve been collecting all my empty plastic containers with a 1 recycling symbol on the bottom for a few weeks now. It’s my goal to not make special trips here, but only drop off when I’ve got an errand on that side of town. I’ve also thrown my reusable shopping bags in my van because I’ll be stopping by the grocery store. Hence, I have another new year’s resolution: to use paper bags or my own reusable totes when I shop. I have about six reusable totes, which should be plenty for a weeks worth of shopping for a family of 3. This will take planning and will hopefully cut down on impulse buying, but we will see. Does anybody else want to join me in this challenge?

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