My Prayer

It is a joy to read this prayer, especially when her life reflected God affirming her requests. I pray I can stop long enough in my busy day to present the same requests to my Heavenly Father. 


Lord helps me as I begin this day
To accept the things that comes my way
Your word says “Be thankful for everything”
No matter what the day may bring.

You told us all to “Love one another”
Be it friend or enemy or our brother.
“Be ye kind” you also said
Lord by your spirit may I be led.

Many times I sit and ponder
In my mind I often wonder
Just what Lord, you would have me do.
I know I should be helping You.

Dear God, You help me all the time
You send the rain and sunshine.
Even though there are clouds along the way.
You give me blessings every day.

Lord give me a vision of how I can
Help bear the burdens of my fellow man
Daily dear Lord, let my vision be
Of things that I can do for Thee.

As I travel along life’s road
Please Lord, help to carry my load
And let my faith always increase
And fill my heart with Joy and Peace.

I love you, Lord, and want you to know it.
Though many times I fail to show it.
My heart is full and over flowing
With love for you forever on-going.

May I always sing “To God Be the Glory”
As I continue to tell the story
Of Jesus Christ who died for me
So that from sin I can be free.

In heaven I know there will be singing
And the joy bells will be ringing
As we are gathered to your side
There forever to abide.

Lord how I long to be there
With never a worry or a care.
Singing our praises for evermore
On heavens Happy Golden Shore.


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