Rainbows, how awesome are they? A hard rain that tapers off to a drizzle, then a brilliant array of color as the sun peeks through. A few weeks ago I was blessed with not one rainbow but two. It was a great sight.

These past three years have been a stormy season for me. I think my time away in Tennessee was a long overdue time for grieving. I needed to grieve through all my baggage alone. Away from all my familiar comforts, family, friends, and routines. In 2006 I noted in my journal how I felt God’s reassurance that He would be right there with me while I walk through storms.

Here I am traveling in a loaded U-haul heading back to Mississippi. Leaving the unknown of a new place for the comforts of the familiar. But I’m different, the air smells different, my outlook is different. My hope isn’t in myself, others, or my circumstances, but in Christ alone. I never quite understood that before, but now….I’m totally dependent on Him for my every breath. I’ve grown in my trust in Him.

I glance over at James driving as the rain pounds harder on top of the moving van. Nathan is nestled between us on the front seat. He is intently peering at Perry, who is erratically swimming in his “traveling” fish container. The mile marker shows ten more miles until the Alabama state line. Ten more miles left in Tennessee. As we approached the state line the rain began fading away, just like my sorrows and hurts have been. The most beautiful rainbow appeared. I gleamed at this sight, feeling in my heart that at this very moment my current storm was over. I had built an ark by trusting God to heal my heart and this rainbow was confirmation that He had.

As I mentioned earlier, as we approached the state line a second rainbow appeared next to the first one. We hit Alabama and they both slowly disappeared. Oh God how marvelous You are!

“Who is like You among the gods, O LORD? Who is like You, majestic in holiness, Awesome in praises, working wonders?” Exodus 15:11 (NASB)

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