Bought Back Family Property – On This Date November 4, 2014

On this date, the 4th of November in 2014, Jennifer shared the good news about our maternal grandparents’ homeplace:

“It’s official! I just closed on the spot where my maternal grandmother raised her kids, and where I lived for most of my under 10 years! One of the pictures is of my mom as a kid in front of the original house that was torn down after we had to leave in the early 80s. The other picture is of the house that stands there now-my new home with lots of old love! This is an awesome feeling!” 11-4-2014 division st

On December 2, 1946, our Papaw Bill and Granny Dee purchased this property in Jonesville, Louisiana. This home was in our family for 34 years until it was sold in the early 1980s. Over the years the house was torn down and another home was put in its place.  mom, jen, em and kris at 100 division

Our family lived there 34 years and then went away for 34 years. My mom was born and raised here. We lived here when I was born. My little brother Brady was born in that left front bedroom. On this day last year, I bought the property back.” Jennifer shared today. “It’s good to be home! I’m so blessed and grateful! The old house is gone, but all the love is still here.