Children of John and Gracie Wright

The Wrights for book

Our maternal great grandparents, John E. Wright and Gracie Claudia Pierce were married around 1901 in Louisiana.  They had nine children including our Granny Lucy Dee:

1. Fannie Ruth McMillin Born August 18, 1902 and died January 30, 2004
Burial at Oak Grove Cemetery, Manifest, Louisiana, USA

2. William Lee “Buddy” Wright  Born January 13, 1904 and died September 11, 1982
Burial at Mulhearn Memorial Park Cemetery in West Monroe, Louisiana, USA

3. Daisy Emma Wright  Born January 23, 1906 and died September 19, 1992
Burial at Heard Cemetery, Manifest, Louisiana, USA

4. Olaf Elisha Wright  Born January 25, 1908 and died November 24, 1962
Burial at Beauregard Cemetery, DeRidder, Louisiana, USA

5. Infant girl Wright  Born 1910 and died 1910

6. Lucy Dee LaPrarie Bass Born April 28, 1911 and died January 18, 2005
Burial at Heard Cemetery, Manifest, Louisiana, USA

7. Marvin George Wright Born August 7, 1913 and died July 16, 2007
Burial at Mulhearn Memorial Park, Monroe, Louisiana, USA

8. Melton Martin Wright Born December 4, 1915 and died November 6, 2009
Burial at Orange Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orange, Texas, USA

9. Mary Irmarie Scott Born August 8, 1918 and died September 19, 2010
Burial at Crittenden Memorial Park in Marion, Arkansas, USA

Gracie and her children Olaf, Irmarie, Daisy, Ruth, Dee, Melton, Marvin and Lee (not pictured)
Gracie and her children Lee, Irmarie, Daisy, Ruth, Dee, Melton, and Marvin Wright 

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