John E. Wright – On This Date In 1879

John E. Wright – On This Date In 1879
John and Gracie on Wedding Day

On this date the 25th of June in 1879, our maternal great-grandfather, John E. Wright was born in Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.

According to the geneological report “Descendents of William Wright”, John E. Wright is listed under Generation No. 3 as one of the six children born to George Washington Wright and Martha Fannie Eubanks.*

John married Gracie Pierce about 1902 and had nine children.*

Here is how we are related:

Our parents –Nelda Grace LaPrarie was married to Floyd Dee Adams

Nelda G.’s parents – ^Lucy Dee Wright was married to John Alvis LaPrarie

Lucy D.’s parents – ^^John Estel Wright was married to Gracie Claudia Pierce

(^) stands for

each generation

between our

parents and John.

*Source: Descendents of William Wright

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