Martha Fannie Eubanks Wright – On This Date in 1848

Martha Eubanks Wright

On this date the 11th of November, in 1848, our maternal great great grandmother, Martha Fannie was born to parents Thomas Eubanks and Edna WillisMartha Fannie Eubanks was married to George Washington Wright and they had 7 children including our great grandfather John E. Wright.*

*Source: Descendants of William Wright & Martha Wright’s photo is from our family collection.

Here is how we are related:

Our parents –Nelda Grace LaPrarie was married to Floyd Dee Adams

Nelda G.’s parents – ^Lucy Dee Wright was married to John Alvis LaPrarie

Lucy D.’s parents – ^^John Estell Wright was married to Gracie Claudia Pierce

John E.’s parents – ^^^Martha F. Eubanks was married to George W. Wright

(^) stands for each 



our parents 

and Martha.

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