Nelda Adams – on This Date in 1991

Nelda Grace AdamsOn this date the 3rd of June in 1991, our mother, Nelda Adams passed away around 8:10 a.m. at the University Medical Center in Jackson,Mississippi of metastatic renal cell carcinoma and amyloidosis. She was only 39 years old and one of the most beautiful and sweetest person you would ever meet. 

Mark Flynn, one of our family’s pastors shared, during the funeral service, a poem I wrote. He gave me a copy of his notes after the service, and I’m forever grateful. Death of a  loved one can be a disorienting time. In honor of my mom, I would like to share my writing which I composed only hours after her death. R.I.P. Mom–

As the days went by

And upon the bed she lay,

I often wonder why

Things have to be this way.

She was such a great example,

Even though I never knew

That she was just a sample

Of what God can really do. 

He made a woman so perfect

To teach us all about life;

Before it was so hard to detect

That the world was full of strife.

He brought us to our knees 

To show us things aren’t black and white,

That we shouldn’t do what we please

But to always do what’s right.

My mother was a fighter,

Yes, always a fighter, no doubt.

She kept on hanging tighter

Even when we felt like bailing out.

—poem by Emily Adams Hester

“She leaves for all a legacy of truth, loyalty, service and faithfulness”-Mark Flynn


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