Grated Soaps and Recipes

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Looking for a unique gift giving idea? If you are a soap maker, why not give your soap in a unique way? Grate your favorite bar of soap into a jar, and give instructions and recipes for turning your solid soap into liquid soaps. Make sure to include a handy recipe booklet with each jar.

Here are a few of my favorite recipes:

BMG’s Basic Liquid Soap Recipe

1 ounce grated bar of soap
1 cup distilled water

Melt grated soap in hot water and stir until dissolved. Store in glass covered jar.
Basic Liquid Soap can be used in the following recipes:  Dish Soap, Hand Soap,
Herbal Shampoo, and Pet Shampoo.

BMG’s Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

1 tablespoon BMG’s Basic Liquid Soap
1 cup warm distilled water
Optional: a few drops of essential oil

Combine and add to foaming dispenser. May occasionally clog plastic straw if liquid soap is not
diluted enough. Add more soap or water as needed.

BMG’s Dish Soap Recipe

1 cup BMG’s Basic Liquid Soap
1 teaspoon BMG’s Washing Soda
10 drops citrus essential oil or extract

Combine and store in liquid soap dispenser. Add warm distilled water and dilute if needed.
Mixture will appear clumpy and thick; therefore, shake or stir occasionally.

BMG’s Basic Shampoo Recipe

2 tablespoons water or herbal tea
1/2 cup BMG’s Basic Liquid Soap
A few drops of essential oils

Mix together and store in a capped bottle.
Variations: Herbal Shampoo (brew chamomile tea for light hair and rosemary tea for dark hair). Pet Shampoo (add ½ cup more of water and essential oils such as tea tree, peppermint, rose geranium, lemon, or lavender).


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