A Mississippi Girl’s Environmental Awareness and Involvement

Does my day-to-day stewardship on this planet really make a difference in the long run? 

For the past few years, I’ve had every intention to start off every new year setting a goal to be more environmentally aware and involved.  And as always, I’ve gotten busy and put those goals on the back burner for later. Well, later is here and I’m ready to put it back on the front burner now.

This time I’m starting in November, mid November to be exact. Why mid November? Why not? Actually, I’ve just decided to start today, which according to the calendar is November 13, 2012 (and if the world ends this year, I’ve got a month and a half to fulfill this goal.

Here are a few steps I feel will assist me in my quest:

1. Build a foundation through research.

I plan to gather as much information on the subject as possible.  The local library is a great place to start, and it’s free.  Additional places to find information are surfing the web, watching documentaries, visiting local health food stores, downloading pod casts, and checking out local bookstore. 

2. Become involved locally.

I plan to find local environmentally aware groups. The local library may have a community bulletin board with area meetings posted. Also, locate the community leaders who are already promoting environmental awareness. Find opportunities to get involved and make a connection with local organizations.  

3. Count the cost.

How much is this going green endeavor going to cost me now and in the future? I need to evaluate the cost in time, money, skill, and impact on the whole family.  A lifestyle change can turn a household upside down. Make a realistic budget listing how much I’ve spent compared to how much I’ll be spending in the future. Also, keep a spending diary to evaluate and compare a then and now costs and savings.Hopefully, I’ll see more positives than negatives after going green. 

Well, this will keep me busy for a little while. Next post I’ll discuss doing a household audit and facing the truth about household consumption habits (both good and bad) and household wastefulness. 

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