A Doable Household Audit

A household audit is less intimidating when evaluated in sections.

Here is a breakdown of each area in a typical home:


Dining Room/Breakfast Room

Living Room/Den

Laundry Room


Home Office


Garage/Storage Room

Attic/HVAC/Water Heater

Take an area a week and answer the following questions:

What is the area’s purpose and how is it functioning?

Are any areas multipurpose like a home office in the bedroom, an eat-in kitchen, etc.?

What items are consumed in each area?

What and how much is thrown in the trash in each area?

How often do items need to be replaced?

What items require a power source?

When and by whom is the area used?

Where in the home does the family spend the most time together?

Jot down the responses to the questions and any additional observations to refer back to later.

Next week, plan to check in as I share my own kitchen audit and how I plan to make improvements.

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