Coffee Grounds for Your Hair?

I’ve been on a mission for a while to find hair products I feel are safe and get along with my scalp.  When I say safe, what I mean is a product without toxins or allergens.
I’ve had quite a time trying out different brands, organics and all natural products, baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, clays, tea tree oil, you name it I’ve probably tried it. The one that can’t bring myself to try is coffee grounds.

I can see myself now, informing my family to not shower until after I had my morning coffee. After which, each of them takes a scoop of freshly perked grounds into the bathroom with them. Yeah, that’ll happen. As if my husband doesn’t already think I’m off my rocker sometimes. Oh well, I guess I need to try it solo and not experiment on my family with this one.   
Most of the organic and all natural products I’ve tried in the past worked fine after the first attempt. But after repeated use my scalp became irritated. I usually revert back to my favorite brand…Pantene! But I’d really like to convert to an all natural product.
Hopefully, I’ll find a good compromise by the time I tackle my bathroom audit in a few weeks.
If anyone has hair product suggestions, feel free to follow me and leave a comment.
By the way, I absolutely love the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep site I just noticed they have two others I’m excited to explore, one for household cleaners and a shopping guide I plan to share more about those sites next week.

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