An Ode – Life Before My Smartphone

I went to sleep without you in my hand.

I watched the news more and called a friend.

I read a book when powdering my nose.

I had more time to pray for others’ woes.

I communicated more than 140 characters.

I used an answering machine to avoid telemarketers.

I didn’t care if someone liked, shared, or pinned.

I didn’t have to click something to like as a friend.

I had conversations at the dinner table.

I actually cared what was airing on cable.

I left my house without you and didn’t panic.

I used a folded map, not GPS, and didn’t get frantic.

I had no clue what tagging was and acted a fool without a care.

I didn’t communicate with others anytime or anywhere.

I’d say life with you, smartphone, is so much more.

I must confess though, I long for the life before.

By Emily Hester

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