“Family Reunion” by Ruth McMillin

“Family Reunion” by Ruth McMillin

Wright siblings for bookI’m sharing a delightful poem from the cookbook by Pisgah Baptist Church’s Our Cherished Recipes, 1991 written by my Granny’s oldest sister, Ruth. This cookbook means the world to me, not only because of my relatives’ recipes are inside, but it was published and dedicated in memory of many of our deceased loved ones, particularly my mother, Nelda Laprarie Adams.

Family Reunion

They come from near.
They come from far.
They come by train.

They come by car.

They left their work.

They left their union.

All to come to the family reunion.

There was old Uncle Ned
In his tall black hat
With a big watermelon,
Can you beat that?

Great Aunt Susie
In her gingham bonnet,
Brought apple pie
With raisins on it.

There was Gandma Meg
With Grandpa beside her,
Who brought along
His apple cider.

Cousin bob came,
With his wife Mandy
Along with their children
Alberta and Andy.

There were mincemeat pies
And jelly cakes
And homemade bread
Like Grandma makes.

Dear Uncle Lem
Brought along his pipe
For no one likes
To hear him gripe.

Cousin Anna Sue
Brought lemonade
And the best cornporne
That ever was made.

There was Uncle Jake
With his wife Molly
And their children, Dave
Wilbert and Molly.

There was hominy
And hoghead cheese
Candied yams
And blackeyed peas.

Chicken and dumplins
And salads galore
A big pot of stew
Who could want more.

Every one came
All but Uncle Bill
Who lived about a mile
Just over the hill.

He didn’t care
For family affairs.
He’d rather go out
Hunting for bears.

 By Ruth McMillin

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