FM Eggs

Okay, so I’ve listened and watched way too many “sustainable” podcasts and documentaries lately. I’ve been informed of each animal’s carbon foot print and the calories it takes to produce food for consumption. I won’t go into all that here, just read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Anyhow, I’m turning over a new leaf and I’m trying it.

What is it I’m trying you ask? Drum roll please…


…wait for it
…wait for it
…wait for it


I’m actually going to consume an animal that was raised playing in the dirt in my own state. Not trucked many miles from a chicken factory. Oh yes, I know there is a chicken processing plant right down the road from me, but I’m sure those big breasted birds haven’t set one chicken foot on Mississippi soil!

I’m accustomed to occasionally buying the organic or free range eggs at my local superstore or market. The eggs are usually white or brown. So I open the FM (farmer’s market) carton and some eggs are green. Immediately, I think I’m in a Dr. Suess’ Mississippi version of Green Eggs and Ham . There is no way I’m letting my husband see this. It freaks him out when he sees a brown egg from the grocery store in my fridge.

Sunday morning comes around, time for scrambled eggs, pancakes, or one over easy. I go to the fridge for the eggs…I can’t do it…I can’t. I grab an egg from a store bought cartoon and get breakfast over with. Why am I so freakin’ apprehensive about cooking with these FM eggs?

We go about our day and I forget about the green eggs sitting in my fridge. Hey I even go to McDonald’s for a hamburger, which I ended up not being able to finish (that darn “Fast Food Nation” documentary ruined my enjoyment). By the way, my remedy for the obesity problem in Mississippi is to show people as many documentaries on food production as possible. It definitely leads to loss of appetite.

Sunday evening’s dinner is over with, and of course, I want a little something sweet. I go to my pantry and see I have all the fixin’s (that’s Southern for stuff) for peanut butter cookies. I go to the fridge and hold the green egg in my hand for a moment. I look over and my husband is mesmerized by a wrestling documentary (which will also help with loss of appetite). I mean wrestling is bloody, sweaty and just gross. Sorry I’m getting off topic, back to the egg in hand. To use the egg or to not use the egg, “that is the question: Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer”…wait a minute I got lost with William Shakespeare.

Crack, and the green shelled egg’s yoke and white are sitting in a bowl. It looks and smells just like any other egg. I’m going to do it. I’m going to use the egg in the peanut butter cookies. I’m feeling very confident about this decision. These are going to be excellent cookies. Of course, I don’t dare taste the raw cookie dough…I’m not that adventurous, yet!?
Cookies turned out great and no one experienced any gastrointestinal issues. We survived our first FM egg experience. Wow, do I feel brave and rather accomplished. Sadly it doesn’t take much.

I also picked up a roaster at the Farmer’s Market, that adventure is detailed in the following post Pickin A Chicken.

In closing, I’ve got to thank God here for His great sense of humor in color coordinating the food for my first blog entry. The green egg was the perfect touch for my “Temporarily Green” debut!

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