John Louis M. Laprarie – On This Day in 1918

On this date, the 18th of February in 1918, our maternal great grandfather, John Louis M. LaPrarie, passed away in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana. He is buried at Fort Derussy Cemetery in Marksville, Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, USA.* He was married to Azelia Sidonia White and they had 7 children including our Papaw Bill

Here is how we are related:

Our parents – Nelda Grace LaPrarie was married to Floyd Dee Adams

Nelda’s parents – ^John Alvis LaPrarie was married to Lucy Dee Wright

John A.’s parents – ^^John Louis M. LaPrarie was married to Azelia Sidonia White

(^) stands for each



our parents 

and John Louis.

*Source: John Louis LaPrarie – Find a Grave




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