Lady Seafarer

Lady Seafarer

In honor of my mother’s birthday, November 15th, I am sharing one of my poems inspired by her.

Lady Seafarer

There was a lady who loved the sea
She longed the ocean to be her home
Fore there was no where else to be
To ride the waves , star shone.

For now only men could ride the tide,
No sailor could she be.
For women were to be left behind
Bound in apron string.

But in her dreams, she sailed white caps,
She chartered out the stars,
She led the fleet and taught young chaps
To sail to lands afar.

She leads the Armada through raging storms,
With the sails bound down tight.
Led her midshipmen well at arms
Keeping watch throughout the night.

Her crew was strong and valiant.
Their loyalty seldom sank.
However, if mutiny as present,
Perpetrators walked the plank.

They discovered unknown countries.
Conquered its riches and treasures.
Then braved back home across the seas
To be given honor and pleasures.

Then the morning sun would arise
And she would be awakened
To re-enter the reality of her life
But never could her dream be taken.



 In loving memory of Nelda Grace. May she rest in peace.

(November 15, 1951 to June 3, 1991)


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