“Life Without Plastic” – Grocery Shopping, Part 1

I was browsing the internet this morning and ran across the Life Without Plastic‘s website.

“Life Without Plastic,” seems ideal but is it doable today to not rely on this widely used product? As I sit in my office and look around I’m surrounded by plastic. I’m literally blogging on it right now. It is overwhelming to imagine going plastic free cold turkey. I think it is doable in incremental stages; therefore, I will be sharing my “Life Without Plastics” as a series.

Part 1 – Grocery Shopping:

Ask yourself: How can I buy groceries without bringing home so many plastic containers?

Here are some ways:

1. When buying fresh fruits and vegetables, bring your own produce drawstring bags.

2. Only shop where paper bags are available.

3. Ask your favorite store if they will supply small paper bags for produce instead of only plastics.

4. Buy meats from a butcher and request meats are wrapped in butcher paper.

5. Purchase dry goods in bulk fabric or paper packaging.

6. Bring your own canvas totes to bag of your groceries.

7. Buy sauces, drinks, and etc. in glass jars.

8. Don’t buy water bottles, get a water filter for your faucet and use reusable stainless or glass cantinas.

Even if you are only able to do one of these suggestions, it is at least a start. Bravo!



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