My Sister Ruth

My Sister Ruth
Ruth Wright McMillin (August 18, 1902 - January 30, 2004)

My Granny wrote this poem in 1995 for her oldest sister Ruth.

Ruth Wright McMillin (August 18, 1902 - January 30, 2004)
Ruth Wright McMillin
God gave her to us for a reason
To lift us up through every season.
She lifts us up when we are down
In Heaven I know she’ll wear a crown.
Her mission in life is to serve others
Her friends, children, sisters and brothers.
The mat at her door welcomes you there
Where she has a smile and a hug to share.
She always enjoys preparing a meal,
And all her guests are made to feel,
The light within her that is glowing
From her heart of love overflowing.
There is more, so much more I could say about my sister
Like when we were apart, how much I missed her.
How much I’ve loved her through all the years,
And how we’ve shared our joys and our tears.
As of now her age is ninety two.
Through all these years she has remained true
To her mother’s teachings of God’s commands
And we know God holds her in His hands.
She is a treasure from God’s store house above
To dwell here among us and share her love
She is so precious and loving to us all
While she patiently waits to hear God’s call.
When God takes her from this world
All her earthly problems will he hurled
Into the midst of the great unknown
And God will take her as His own.
So let us enjoy her while we can.
For soon the will join God’s heavenly band.
Happy with loved ones who have gone on before
Singing God’s praises on the golden shore.
She will live with Him throughout the ages
And through eternity there will be no wages.
So Jesus paid it all when He died on the cross.
Then the only sadness will be our loss.
So my darling, my sweet sister dear,
In your heart let there be no fear
For in the time that you have left
Our number one person will be yourself.
You have loved and cared for us all.
So while you wait to hear God’s call
May all your days on earth be blessed
Until He takes you home to rest.


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