Our Daughter

Our Daughter
It has been 22 years today since my mother passed away. At age 80 my granny lost her 39 year old daughter. My Granny was a great comfort to my siblings and me in mourning the loss of our mom. She always appeared so strong for us, not grieving as a mother who lost a daughter, but rather grieving for children who lost their mother. In this next poem, she shares her feelings as a grieving parent. I’m sure she had a support system of friends who came along side her during this rough time 22 years ago. But I will always admire my Granny for guarding her own loss and coming along side her grieving grandchildren.  


 God gave us two sons and we were so proud,
But over our lives there was hanging a cloud.
Because we wish so long for a daughter,
We constantly prayed to our heavenly Father.
Oh what joy when we finally knew
Another child would soon be due.
We were so happy just waiting to see
Whether a boy or girl, this would be.
Finally the time of delivery came,
So early one morning, it was a shame.
The hunting trip for which the daddy so longed
Suddenly had to be postponed.
I was rushed to the clinic before day-break.
Even before the doctor was awake.
The baby could not wait for the doctor to get there.
It was delivered by the nurses, with a prayer.
Nelda Grace LaPrarie
Nelda Grace LaPrarie
Oh yes the baby was a girl,
With dark hair already in curl.
And when she opened those big brown eyes.
Our hearts fluttered like butterflies.
Our prayer was answered from above,
When God gave us this daughter to love.
She was dearly loved by her brothers
And also by a host of others.
She gave us such joy in every way
As we watched her grow from day to day.
She was so beautiful in her little dresses
With her head all covered with curly brown tresses.
Nelda and James LaPrarie
Nelda and James LaPrarie

We don’t understand the reason why
Some people live on, and others die.
But all of the sudden one winter day
God came and took her daddy away.

My three children and I were left alone
But God was watching from His throne.
He gave us all the help we needed
Not one need was unheeded.
James, Dee, Nelda, and John LaPrarie
The children all continued in school
And all tried to live by the Golden Rule.
Many times in life we went astray
But God drew us back into His way.
The children were married, with families of their own.
Then suddenly something went wrong.
Our precious daughter became very ill
How could her sickness be God’s will?
She was a devoted daughter, wife and mother
To fill her place there was no other.
All our troubles she could erase
When she appeared with her sweet smiling face.
Jennifer, Nelda, Krista, Brady and Emily Adams
Jennifer, Nelda, Krista, Brady and Emily Adams

With her sweet personality plus
She was an inspiration to all of us.
When the doctor told me her days were numbered
My aching heart was torn asunder.

We can’t understand why He took her away,
But early one morn at the break of day,
God came and took her by the hand
And led her away to the promised land.
Nelda Grace Adams

But you see God needed another jewel in His heavenly home,
So He took our jewel for His very own.
He placed her there where she will shine
On and on through endless time.


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