Online Grocery Shopping From Home

If you are like me, you may be finding it a bit challenging to stay at home during the spring of 2020 and still provide your family with a well-balanced meal. How should one stock up a pantry and fridge during quarantine without leaving home? What if you live in a small town or rural community where utilizing a well-known grocery delivery or pick-up service from a big box store is not an option? It has been almost two months since I’ve left my house, and I have been able to order almost everything online that me and my family needs. The only thing I haven’t ordered is eggs. I have located some on Etsy and eBay, but haven’t gotten the nerve to try it. In all my research online, I have gathered a hodgepodge of unique online stores for milk, butter, cheese, produce, meat, ice cream and even wine. You know the fresh essentials.

Dry good and pantry items are already the norm for most of us to order online. But cold stuff and fragile and delicate foods aren’t. Over the next few  weeks I’ll be sharing a few tips and snapshots from my own kitchen that can help you with your family’s shopping list and which online stores you may want to try. These tips can also be useful in sending groceries to an elderly home bound family member, or distant child away at college, or just a time saving option for a busy work week.

Spring 2020 may have presented the world with some challenges, but luckily we live in a time when we have can shop from our couches from almost anywhere in the world.