Personal Care Products

Alright, I think I’m ready to discuss my personal care habits and the toiletries I use daily. Being a homemaker affords me the privilege of daily dressing comfortably, wearing no makeup, with my hair in a ponytail and a pair of flip flops on my feet. (And I only wear a bra just in case I have to get out of the car during school carpooling. Ha!)

Let me start with a question, if you had to survive with only 3 daily use personal care products what would they be?

Would it be tooth paste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, facial mask,etc?

Well I’m aware we all use more than 3 products a day but the thought of simplifying my bathroom products is freeing. Here are my 3 essential products: Castille bar soap, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar.

I’ve gone back in forth between shampoo/conditioner and “no poo”. It does take some adjusting but my hair is starting to just feel awful when I use shampoo/conditioner combos. What works best for me so far is alternating between baking soda and Castille soap, and doing an apple cider vinegar rinsing.

Baking soda is an amazing product, not only do I bake and clean with it, I can brush my teeth and use it under my arms as deodorant.

I’m still not totally toothpaste free but may try in the future to make a peppermint baking soda paste.

I’m fascinated with infused vinegars recipes and plan to make palatable mouthwash too. (I’m not sure I can trick James, he is a die hard blue cool mint user..ha!) I think I can find a blue edible herb in nature.

What are your must haves?

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