This Will Make Great French Toast!

“This will make great French Toast! ” is a response I’ve received from my husband often over the past few weeks.

I’ve been on a making homemade bread kick. I’ve tried Challah, French, Banana, 100 % Whole Wheat, and numerous other bread recipes from my bread maker’s manual.

At least three times a week I try out a new recipe on my family. Some recipes were a big hit with the family, while others as my husband says “will make great French toast”.

I’ve discovered that the hard work required to become a 100% homemade bread family isn’t worth my time. It’s simpler to buy a few loaves a week and bake an occasional Challah or French loaf for a special meal. At least I’ve learned how to bake a loaf for my family.

What about you? Do you prefer to bake or buy?

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