Sylvia Carlile – On This Date in 1890

On this date the 19th of April in 1890, our paternal great-great-great grandmother Sylvia Kelley Carlile passed away in Bristow, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA.*

Sylvia (AKA Silva or Silvia) Kelley was born in Concharty, Indian Territory, Oklahoma in 1865 to father Wilson Kelley. Her mother’s name is unknown and am still researching.*

Sylvia Kelley married Thomas Carlile and had 4 children our great-great grandmother Ida Mae, Bessie, Ora and one died in childbirth.

According to the Dawes Final Roll of the Five Civilized Tribe,  Sylvia Carlile is listed on Card #1065 along with her husband Thomas Carlile.**

Dawes Card Information
Tribe Last First Middle Age Sex Blood Card Roll Misc Type
Creek  Carlile  Sylvia      1065     
Creek  Carlile  Thomas      1065      P

Her father Wilson Kelley is listed under card #1067, but not sure of her mother’s name and if she was listed.**

Creek  Kelley  Wilson    30  FULL  1067  3458    BB 

*Source: Ancestry

**Sources: Final Roll

Here is how we are related:

Our parents – Floyd Dee Adams was married to Nelda Grace Laprarie

Floyd D.’s parents – ^Ida Mae Burris was married to Floyd Brazier Adams

Ida M.’s parents – ^^Rosa Pearl Raabe was married to Asa Azil Burris

Rosa P.’s parents – ^^^Ida Mae Carlile was married to Chris Raabe

Ida M.’s parents – ^^^^Sylvia Kelley was married to Thomas Carlile

(^) stands for each


between our

parents and Sylvia.

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