Sylvia Carlile – On This Date in 1890

On this date the 19th of April in 1890, our paternal great-great-great grandmother Sylvia Kelley Carlile passed away in Bristow, Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA.*

Sylvia (AKA Silva or Silvia) Kelley was born in Concharty, Indian Territory, Oklahoma in 1865 to father Wilson Kelley. Her mother’s name is unknown and am still researching.*

Sylvia Kelley married Thomas Carlile and had 4 children our great-great grandmother Ida Mae, Bessie, Ora and one died in childbirth.

According to the Dawes Final Roll of the Five Civilized Tribe,  Sylvia Carlile is listed on Card #1065 along with her husband Thomas Carlile.**

Dawes Card Information
Tribe Last First Middle Age Sex Blood Card Roll Misc Type
Creek  Carlile  Sylvia      1065     
Creek  Carlile  Thomas      1065      P

Her father Wilson Kelley is listed under card #1067, but not sure of her mother’s name and if she was listed.**

Creek  Kelley  Wilson    30  FULL  1067  3458    BB 

*Source: Ancestry

**Sources: Final Roll

Here is how we are related:

Our parents – Floyd Dee Adams was married to Nelda Grace Laprarie

Floyd D.’s parents – ^Ida Mae Burris was married to Floyd Brazier Adams

Ida M.’s parents – ^^Rosa Pearl Raabe was married to Asa Azil Burris

Rosa P.’s parents – ^^^Ida Mae Carlile was married to Chris Raabe

Ida M.’s parents – ^^^^Sylvia Kelley was married to Thomas Carlile

(^) stands for each


between our

parents and Sylvia.

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  1. Shane Tucker
    March 17, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Very interesting information, thank you! Thomas and Sylvia had three children. The one you are missing is Ora Carlile born in 1889, married Ollice Bradford. She was my great grandmother. She is listed with Bessie on the Creek Roles. Bessie is 3456 and Ora is 3457. Ida is listed on the page before as Ida Raabe with Rosa. Ida is 3454 and Rosa is 3455. So hello distant cousin…

    • Shane Tucker
      March 17, 2016 at 12:29 pm

      Actually they had four children but one died right after birth.

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