Sowing Seeds and GMOs

Let me say, I love, love sowing seeds. It is so rewarding to plant a little seed, water it and watch it spring up and grow almost in front of my eyes. It’s amazing.

Not only do I enjoy seeing growth in plants, I also enjoy seeing it in people. I know I may embarrass my dear sister, but I have to share this. I’ve been delving into green living for over five years, and to my delight, I believe my awareness is rubbing off on my family. I was tickled to see a Facebook page she follows about GMO awareness. A few years ago, my family probably thought I was in a tree hugger cult. It’s so cool to see common sense making an appearance back into the mainstream.

For more information on genetically modified organism check out these articles:

I still don’t have a complete grasp on this subject, but I do enjoy investigating the origins of food products. According to
the most commonly found GMOs on grocery store shelves are: Corn, soy, cotton, canola and beet sugar.

These are commonly present in processed foods. Just being aware of these GMOs entice me to buy less processed and more unprocessed foods.

In the United States, consumers are faced with an almost overwhelming variety of food choices. Thankfully the more I learn about food, the more stringent my guidelines are when choosing what I feed my family. Once I eliminate certain ingredients, it narrows down my selection, hence making it a simpler trip to the store.

Who has time for complicated? Simple is the way to go!

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