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Floyd Dee Adams – On This Date in 2015

On this date the 9th of July in 2015, our father, Floyd Dee Adams passed away from septic shock. He was laid to rest next to our mom, Nelda Grace LaPrarie Adams, at Heard Cemetery in Manifest, Louisiana. Click here for obituary details.  

Our Dad’s Passing – A Month Later

It’s hard to believe it has been a month since our father, Floyd Dee passed away. It is only just now setting in that he is no longer with us. Thank you to the many wonderful people who’ve expressed condolences to our family during this difficult time. It has meant so much to us. Obituary…

Elderberries and Swimming Pools

In honor of Father’s Day, I want to share my experiences with elderberries and swimming pools. Of course, these two things go together, thanks to our dad, Floyd Dee. You see, when we were youngin’s he enjoyed makin’ homebrews like banana wine and elderberry wine. Now I was a bit too young to remember the…