To My Mothers

To My Mothers
Aerial view of the four rivers, Jonesville, Louisiana

For Grandparent’s Day and because the change of the seasons always make me think of my mother and granny. They made sure we paid attention….

“To My Mothers”

I know so deeply that there is no justification. No lectures from another’s perspective can contradict my experience. And it’s our calling to hold this truth. It’s the only reason I ever lost you. To find you in another way.

I’ve been here. More times than even I can grasp.
Every breeze, every storm, every hum of evening insects is much more than a memory. It is sensation.

In those moments, the shiny thread runs through. Connects our hearts.

These are the joys that are the same.
This is what never changes. Even past death.

Suspension. Love floats.

There is no time. There is no space. There is only here and only us. My body vibrates. My heart expands. My skin tingles. The joy you carried in this reality crystallizes in every cell of my body.

When a church bell rings. It fits, too. Joins every reality. The thing that punctuates, “Hold that vibe!”

Mostly, it’s in the wind, though. When the trees dance. When they wave a greeting and say, “Happy to see you! Glad you are home!”
This is what will never change. The silver chord that runs through everything. You all are in it all.

Nothing is ever really lost between us. And, here, you reach through the thinner veils and share my heart in that meeting place, through the eternal rivers.

Note: Video and poem by Jennifer Adams: “It’s chilly outside this morning! There is fog where the rivers meet. It looks like ghosts moving across the water…”

Aerial view of the four rivers, Jonesville, Louisiana
Aerial view of the four rivers, Jonesville, Louisiana

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