Children of Asahel and Sarah Burris

Children of Asahel and Sarah Burris
Amos Allen Burris

Our paternal great-great-great grandparents, Asahel Burris and Sarah Ann Garner were married and had our great-great grandfather William Henry Burris  and 7 other children:*

According to the 1880 Census, Asahel was listed as head of household under the name of Ashael Bursap (45 yrs old), with wife Sarah Bursap (42 yrs old), Allen Bursap (12 yrs old), Cladin Bursap (9 yrs old), Catherine Bursap (5 yrs old), Charley Bursap (4 yrs old), and Albert Bursap (1 yr old).***

1- William Henry Burris (1856 – 1931)* Check out these Granny’s Front Porch links for more information on his BirthMarriageChildren, and Death.

2- Jacob Hart Burris (1859 – 1938)* He was born in Hancock County, Indiana on November 8, 1859 and died in Eagle Rock, Barry County, Missouri on July 20, 1938. He is buried in Mano Cemetery, near Cassville, Barry Co., Mo.  More tidbits:*

Married Mary E. Cole b: Oct 30, 1856 in Barry Co., Missouri d: 1898 in Twin Falls, ID. Married April 11, 1880. Daughter of Absolum Thomas Cole b. March 2, 1827 in Limestone, Alabama d. April 24, 1862 in St Louis, Missouri and his wife Eliza Jane (Hicks) Cole Peters b. August 13, 1824 in Knox, Tennessee d. February 11, 1903 in Mano, Cassville, Missouri. His second marriage was to Paralee Powell.

Amos Allen Burris
Amos Allen Burris

3- Isaac Newton “Newt” Burris (1863 – 1927)* He was born in Indiana on January 1, 1863 and died in Neosho, Newton Co., Missouri from cancer on November 23, 1927. He is buried in Gibson Cemetery, Neosho, Missouri.  His first marriage was to Zarilda V. (Zerelda*) Cole and second marriage was to Mary Mae Bouyer.****

4- Emma Jane Burris-Cole Garrett (1863 – 1919)* She was born in Harrison County, Indiana on November 8, 1863 and died in Roaring River (Eagle Rock), Missouri from breast cancer on July 20, 1919. More tidbits:****

Marriage #1 on 1 Jan. 1880, Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri to John Sigel Cole (1 April 1862-23 Aug. 1923), buried Home of Peace Cemetery, Porterville), divorced 17 Oct. 1892, Cassville, Barry Co., Mo.  Marriage #2 to Isaac Newton Garrett (22 Oct. 1853, Grovespring, Wright Co., Mo. – 7 Mar. 1920, Eagle Rock) on 15 Feb. 1896, Eagle Rock.

5- Amos Allen Burris (1869-Unknown)***

…born July 1869, Missouri, died unknown in Orange, near Webb City, Jasper Co., Missouri.  Appears to have not married.  Single in 1900 census.

Clay Dean Burris
Clay Dean Burris

6 –Clay Dean Burris (1871 – 1929)* He was born on November 6, 1871 at Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Missouri. He died on February 4, 1929 in Eagle Rock of heart failure. More tidbits:****

Married Sarah Edith Leakey (born 1868, Indiana).    (Note:  the name of Clay Dean appears in several references:  Claudin and Claydin.  Correct spelling Clay Dean.)

7- Mary Catherine Burris (1874-1916)** She was born in August of 1874 in Eagle Rock. She died on March 4, 1916 in Neosho, Newton Co., Missouri. More tidbits:****

Married Abraham Hall (12 Sept. 1867 Barry Co., Mo. – 6 Dec. 1937, Monett, Barry Co., Mo.)  on 7 April 1892, Barry Co.   (Note:  Mary Catherine’s death (as told by relatives):  Catherine had the measles when her ninth child Geneva was born.  Her second son Jesse, 19, was working in the mines in Oronogo, Missouri at the time he received a telegram stating his mother was not expected to live.  He and a friend started walking to Joplin (possibly some 7 to 10 miles), where Jesse expected to take a train to Neosho where his family was living.  On the way, Jesse and his friend started across a streetcar trestle over a deep ravine.  Before they had cleared it, they heard, or saw, a streetcar coming.  They clambered off the track and down onto the trestle to wait for the streetcar to pass, but, somehow Jesse fell and was killed on the rocks below.  Catherine and the baby both died before news of Jesse’s death was received – there were three deaths in the family in one week (Catherine, baby & Jesse).

8- Charles Burris (1876-1880)** He was born in 1876 but died sometime before 1880. He is buried in Mano Cemetery, Cassville, Barry Co., Missouri.****

9-  Albert Burris (1879 – before 1934) He was born on November 11, 1879 in Cassville, Barry Co., Misssouri and died before 1934 in Augusta, Kansas. More tidbits:****

Married Sara Pearlee Towler (11 Oct. 1892 – died unknown) on 24 Aug. 1907.  The 1910 census of Roaring River, Barry Co., Missouri shows Albert Burris 31, Paralee 17, born Missouri, Mabel 1 2/12.  Family left Missouri circa 1912-1913 and lived near Oswego and Parson, Kansas until World War I in 1917.  Then moved to Augusta, Butler County, Kansas.

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