Children of William and Jane Burris

Our paternal great-great grandparents, William Henry Burris  and Jane Deborah Garner were married and had our great grandfather Asa Burris and 10 or 11 other children:* (I’ve found conflicting numbers of descendants and am still researching. The 1900 census states that Jane had 10 children of which only 9 were living.***

1–  Charles (Charlie/Charley) Burris: Some data given on year of birth as 1871.  However,  parents not married until 1877.  Charles appears on Munsey School Records, Cassville, Barry Co., Mo.** According to the 1880 census, Charles was listed as Charley Bursap, age 8. Born about 1872 in Missouri to parents Wm. Bursap (born about 1857 in Indiana) and Vabona Bursap (born about 1852 in Indiana)****

2-  Harvey Burris (1878-1931)**:  Harvey was born in February 1878 and was married Sarah. According to the 1900 census, Harvey was a farm laborer and could read and write. Sarah was born in Arkansas in 1882 to father from New York and mother from Virginia. *** Harvey was listed as Harvy Bursap, age 2. Born about 1878 in Missouri to parents Wm. Bursap (born about 1857 in Indiana) and Vabona Bursap (born about 1852 in Indiana)****

3- Ara (Harry) Burris (1878 – 1899)*:”Eagle Rock News: Thursday, Ara, son of Bill Burris, left home to go to Marion Goodings to see about getting a cane mill to make molasses. On his way there, or back, he got hurt and was found late in the evening by Jake Burris. The boy was almost lifeless and could not tell how he was hurt but died a few moments later, after his father and mother were summoned. Investigation proved that he had climbed a hickory tree and a limb had broken with him letting him fall a distance of about 40 feet striking on a solid rock. He was interred Friday evening at the Munsey Cemetery.” Thursday, Sep. 28, 1899, Cassville Republican

4- Andrew Burris (1879 – 1943)*:  Listed on Munsey school Records.** Born on Sept. 3, 1879 in Missouri and died on Sept. 19, 1943.* According to the 1900 census, he was a farm laborer and could read and write.*** Andrew was listed as Andrew Bursap, age 8 months. Born about 1879 in Missouri to parents Wm. Bursap (born about 1857 in Indiana) and Vabona Bursap (born about 1852 in Indiana)****

5- Mary Burris (1881-1965):  Listed on Munsey School records in Missouri.  Mary had child named Millie (her father was from Indiana), who was born in May of 1898 in Missouri .***  It is believed that Millie had twins during the families move to California around 1920.  No knowledge of any marriage.** Mary was born in Indiana in August of 1881, according to the 1900 census she was able to read and write.***

6-  Ira Burris (1883-1891): Appears on Munsey School records of May 1891, age 8, under children of Wm. H. Burris, his father.  Since no other entry for Ira, it is presumed he died circa 1891/92.  Other children listed were Charles 19(?), Harvey 14, Andrew 12, Mary 10, Ira 8, Ida 6.**

7- Ida Burris Ketcham (1885 – 1955)* Burris:  Born 1885-1955, buried Munsey Cem., Eagle Rock.  Married Byron Ketchem on 24 July 1904.  Children:  Sadie Ketchem (1905-1910), Eldon Ketchem (1907-1907), Willie Ketchem (1909-1964), Agnes Ketchem (1911-1912), Charles Ketchem (1913-1931), Susie Ketchem (1915-before 1988) (married James Stansberry), James Ketchem (1917-), *Edith Ketchem (1919-1988) (married Arles Loy Ball (unknown-1962) (children:  David Ball, Billy Ball, Loy Ball, Leona Ball, Marie Ball), Elmer Ketchem (1922-1976), Alvin Ketchem (1924-).** According to 1900 census, was born in March of 1885 and could read and write.***

8- Rosa Burris Knee (1886 – 1967)*: Cassville, Barry Co., Mo.  Married James Richard Knee (1884-1971) on 4 Dec. 1904, Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Mo. at home of Rosa’s father in Eagle Rock (Book J393).  Both Rosa and James are buried at Oak Hill Cem., Cassville, Mo. (B5-L-34) Rosa Knee 1886-1967 – Richard Knee 1884-1971. Children of Rosa and Richard Knee:  (unknown if listed in order of birth)  Florence, Elsie, Edna, Morris Lee, James Richard, Billy Eugene.  Elsie married Marion Johnson, Edna married Buck Wiseman, died in 1983, Morris Lee died 1946, James Richard died late 60s or early 70s, Billy Eugene has children.** According to 1900 census, was born in October of 1886 and could read and write.***

9- Effie Burris (1888-1931)*: According to 1900 census, was born in May of 1888 and could read and write.***

Ellen Burris

Ellen Burris

10-  Ellen Burris Hall (1889 – 1969)*: According to 1900 census, was born in October of 1889 and could read.*** She died in Salinas, Monterey Co., Ca., buried Garden of Memories, Salinas.  Married John Wm. Treat Hall  (John Wm. was the older brother of George Lee Hall who married Sarah Jane Cole, daughter of Emma Jane Burris Cole Garrett).  Children:  Naaman Alpha Hall (born 1909, married Velma LaVern Mason, Blanche Annabelle (1913-), married Clifford Rockhold on 26 Oct. 1939, Porterville, Tulare Co., Ca. – children Wesley Rockhold, Donald Rockhold (twin), Douglas Rockhold (twin).  Herman Henry Hall (1915-), Charley Lee (1918-) married Thelma Louise Dutton on 23 Oct. 1937, Porterville – children John & Jerry.  Dorothy Mae (1922-) married Theodore A. Grider (-1983)on 29 June 1940, Porterville, children Linda Grider & Sharron Grider.** 

11- Asa Burris (1892 – 1953)*: **According to 1900 census, listed as Assa born in June of 1899 (should have been 1892 because it was corrected on form to list his age as 7 years old).***

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***Source: 1900 Census

****Source: 1880 Census

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