Thrift Store Shopping

My husband and I have a new passion for treasure hunting at our local thrift stores. When we shop, I’m on the look out for household gadgets and books and he is on the search  for collectible media. We try to frequent our local bargain centers weekly, keeping our eye out for fantastic deals and rare items. Join me each week as I share our adventures in treasure hunting and weekly loot.

This week’s thrifty finds:

Signed Book

A collection of cookbooks ranging from fifty cents to one dollar each.

I was particularly thrilled to find a signed copy of
Southern Seasons Contemporary Regional Cuisine
by Robert St. John and Wyatt Waters for only half a dollar.

Trendy diet/nutrition books, fifty cent hardbacks and twenty five cent paper backs, to satisfy my “what should I be eating this week?” appetite.

Textbooks galore! I’m a “books of knowledge” hoarder. These finds were fifty to ten cents each from local thrift stores and libraries. Even though I routinely scour the internet for recipes, self-help tips, and online homeschool curricula, a book with printed words will always have a place in my home.

Diet/Nutrition Books
Diet/Nutrition Books

Now for the more pricey stuff, we stumbled across this desk and desk chair in the back warehouses of some local bargain centers. The solid wood desk, which cost a mere forty dollars, had a few scratches and could stand to be refinished, but other than that, it was in excellent condition. The leather desk chair, which cost around twenty five dollars, had a few rips and lacked a seat cushion, but it cleaned up well and is super comfortable with an inexpensive seat cushion. My new desk and chair make for a great workspace to blog, lesson plan, and household manage tucked away in the corner of our family room.

This week’s thrifty tip:

Head straight to the warehouse or back room for undiscovered treasures. The new  unsorted donations find a home in the back room or warehouse before reaching the showroom floor.

Wooden Desk and Leather Chair
Wooden Desk and Leather Chair


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