Emily’s Top Ten Albums of the 1980s

Here are my favorite albums from the eighties. I was a tween and teenager during this decade, so most of these songs (which were so taboo back then) exposed this sheltered girl to “worldly things!”

10. Janet Jackson, Control, 1986

Favorite song “Nasty”


9.  Def Leppard, Hysteria, 1989

Favorite song “Pour Some Sugar on Me”


8. Bonnie Raitt, Nick of Time, 1989

Favorite song “Thing Called Love”


7. Don Henley, The End of the Innocence, 1989

Favorite song “The Heart of the Matter”


6. WHAM!, Make It Big, 1984 

Favorite song “Careless Whisper”


5. Madonna, Like a Virgin, 1984

Favorite song “Like A Virgin”


4. Michael Jackson, Thriller,1982

Favorite song “Beat It”


3. Prince, Purple Rain, 1984

Favorite song “When the Doves Cry”


2. George Michael, Faith, 1987

Favorite song “Faith”


1.  U 2, The Joshua Tree, 1987

Favorite song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”



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