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Emily’s Favorite Albums from the 90’s

Here are my top ten favorite albums from the 90’s. And yes most of them were purchased as a cassette tape. I guess it’s about time I download the MP3s. 1990s 10. Madonna-Ray of Light-1900s Favorite song “The Power of Good-bye”   9. REM-Out of Time-1990s Favorite song “Losing My Religion”   8. Music From…

Emily’s Top Ten Albums of the 1980s

Here are my favorite albums from the eighties. I was a tween and teenager during this decade, so most of these songs (which were so taboo back then) exposed this sheltered girl to “worldly things!” 10. Janet Jackson, Control, 1986 Favorite song “Nasty”   9.  Def Leppard, Hysteria, 1989 Favorite song “Pour Some Sugar on Me”  …

A Music Video I Love

I am not frightened by graveyards. I love them. To me, they are places of meditation, open to all loved ones. For this reason, they are beautiful. This video offers another perspective on remembering those who have passed on and celebrating their memories… Dance In the Graveyards by Delta Rae (Official Video)