Ester Terry Burris – On This Date in 1830

On this date the 6th of April 1830, our 6th paternal great grandmother Ester Burris passed away in Highland County, Ohio. She had a non-cemetery burial on family land.*

John C. Burris, Sr. and Ester Terry were married and the parents of our 5th paternal great grandfather, Daniel Burris and 8 other children.


*Source: Find A Grave

Here is how we are related:

Our parents – Floyd Dee Adams was married to Nelda Grace Laprarie

Floyd Dee’s parents – ^Ida Mae Burris was married to Floyd Brazier Adams

Ida Mae’s parents – ^^Asa Azil Burris was married to Rosa Pearl Raabe

Asa Azil’s parents – ^^^William Henry Burris was married to Jane Deborah Garner

William Henry’s parents – ^^^^Asahel Burris was married to Sarah Ann Garner 

Asahel’s parents – ^^^^^Horton Burris was married to Mahala Davis

Horton’s parents – ^^^^^^Daniel H Burris was married to Mary Horton

Daniel’s parents – ^^^^^^^Ester Terry was married to John C. Burris, Sr.

(^) stands for

each generation

between our

parents and Ester.

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