Lankford Wright

Lankford Wright was our maternal great-great-great-grandfather. He was born in 1812 in Amite County, Mississippi to parents William Wright and Francis Taylor. Lankford’s date of death and burial location is unknown.*

Lankford Wright was married to Louise Eliza Brown and they were parents to our great-great grandfather George Washington Wright and had 8 other children.

Interesting Tidbits taken for the Essay on William Wright** by Ed Domangue:

Lankford WRIGHT, b. ca. 1812, in Feliciana Parish of Louisiana or the adjacent
counties of Mississippi (Amite or Wilkinson) as suggested by 1850 and 1860
census declarations. He is thought to be the last child in the family of
William WRIGHT, Sr., of E. Feliciana Parish, containing other children.
William WRIGHT, claiming in 1820 habitation on land that he farmed in
Feliciana since Dec. 1816 and purchased in 1817. Lankford and his brother,
Burrel(l), b. ca. 1810, possibly in Georgia (declaration in 1860 census), were
adopted by David POOL (also POOLE, PETTYPOOLE), a native of South Carolina, on
14 March 1822 (Amite County, Mississippi, record). They are possibly the sons
of Frances (or Frankie) TAYLOR WRIGHT, widow of William WRIGHT. who m. David
POOL in the same year.

Lankford WRIGHT was enumerated in 1840 census (“Langfit Wright”) and it appears that he
has assumed head of the Pool household. Burrel WRIGHT and several sons of
David POOL migrated from E. Feliciana Parish to then Catahoula, now Jackson
Parish, Louisiana, before 1840. Between 1840 and 1850, Lankford WRIGHT moved
to Jackson Parish and purchased land in 1854. This land is believed to be
located just west of Eros, Louisiana and located on the old Natchitoches road.
Wade POOL, a nephew of David POOL, seems to have been informally adopted by
Lankford WRIGHT. Wade POOL moves to Jackson Parish with Lankford WRIGHT and
eventually becomes a neighbor.

This family lived in Jackson Parish during the Civil War but the effects of
the War and Reconstruction are not known. Lankford was too old to be a soldier
and he is thought to have died before 1870. Only one son, William, was of an
age to be a soldier. Ancestor George W. was too young to be a soldier, but
note that another George W. WRIGHT, of unknown relationship, lived in
neighboring Richland Parish, and was a Confederate veteran. Also appreciate
that first son, William, may be the name of an ancestor. In the Amite Co., MS
courthouse, there are records (1820-30) that associate William WRIGHT of
Feliciana with David POOL and his brothers.
Burrel WRIGHT and some of David POOL’s sons moved from Jackson Parish to the
present Catahoula Parish (Aimwell P.O.) ca. 1859. Descendants of Lankford
WRIGHT also moved to this region between 1870 and 1880 and are the progenitors
of the present Wright family of Catahoula Parish, including a grandson and
great-grandson having the same name. Several family members are interred in
the Heard cemetery near Manifest, Louisiana.

*Source: Descendants of William Wright

**Source: FamilyTreeMaker

Here is how we are related:

Our parents –Nelda Grace LaPrarie was married to Floyd Dee Adams

Nelda G.’s parents – ^Lucy Dee Wright was married to John Alvis LaPrarie

Lucy D.’s parents – ^^John Estel Wright was married to Gracie Claudia Pierce

John E.’s parents – ^^^George Washington Wright was married to Martha F. Eubanks

George W.’s parents: ^^^^ Lankford Wright married to Louise Eliza Brown

(^) stands for

each generation

between our

parents and Lankford.

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